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Purpose of the Organization

Purpose of the Organization
We endeavour to be more than a mere mechanical institution issuing yearly credentials to Christian workers. We are vitally interested in the welfare and progress of each member and labour to be of as much help, comfort and inspiration to one another as we are able. Our purpose is to promote Evangelical Christianity throughout the world:

This we endeavour to do by: Licensing and ordaining to the ministry those who are qualified, providing them with credentials from a recognized ecclesiastical body.

Providing courses of study through Canada Christian College for those who have not had the opportunity of a seminary or Bible School training.

Providing an organization for autonomous churches that they may have communion and association with other churches of like mind and still retain complete autonomy.

Providing an organization in which members can find companionship through correspondence, meetings of the presbyters, and general conventions and association with each other.

Cooperating with churches who call upon us for help in finding new pastors when vacancies occur in their pulpits.


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