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History of the Organization

The Evangelical Association was founded in 1963 by godly men and women who were moved by the Holy Spirit to band together for the purpose of promoting Evangelical Christianity throughout the World. They were motivated by a strong persuasion that the Bible, consisting of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, is the divinely inspired and inerrant Word of God.

The Association was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba as the Association for Education and Evangelism by leaders under the direction of Dr. Elmer S. McVety. They shared a vision to develop and build on Biblical principles. The Association is governed by a board of directors currently consisting of eight persons. This board appoints and dismisses all officials by a majority vote at a duly called meeting with at least a quorum in attendance. The Evangelical Christian , founded in 1904, was acquired in 1965 and published in subsequent years by the Association. Registration in Ontario was completed in 1967. The Association federally incorporated in 1980 as the Canadian Non-denominational Association for Education and Evangelism and continues to operate and hold offices in Winnipeg and Toronto. As of 2010, the Association had approximately 110,000 persons involved in churches and ministries led by its 1,100 ordained and licensed ministers. The EA is a fully recognized religious order by the Registrar General of Ontario.

Nature of the Organization

We are interdenominational and nonsectarian in character. We believe that at certain periods of history and in various places, God raised up leaders for the purpose of calling men and women to Himself. From these leaders sprang the various denominations and independent ministries which God has used in effectually spreading the Gospel. Many of our members minister in denominational churches. However, we also believe that God has called others to minister outside the pales of the established denominations and that God has raised up The Evangelical Association to provide such ministers with credentials from a recognized ecclesiastical body. Ministers and laity alike are bound together by the blood of Jesus Christ, the Word of God and we are committed to the EA’s tenets of faith.

To become ordained or licensed in the Association one must complete an application, sign the tenets of faith, submit all pertinent documents and then be interviewed and examined by the Ordination Council. Once accepted the minister must maintain a devoted life of ministry and sacrifice, strictly adhering to the statement of faith.

Purpose of the Organization

We endeavour to unite people under the headship of Christ to fulfill His Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. We are vitally interested in the welfare and progress of each member and labour to be of as much help, comfort and inspiration to one another as we are able.

Our purpose is to promote Evangelical Christianity throughout the world.

This we endeavour to do by:

  •  Licensing and ordaining to the ministry those who are qualified, providing them with credentials from a     recognized ecclesiastical body where its ministers can obtain a licence to marry from the Registrar     General of Ontario and other issuing offices.
  •  Providing courses of study through Canada Christian College for those who have not had the     opportunity of a seminary or Bible School training.
  •  Providing an organization for churches that they may have communion and association with other     churches of like mind.
  •  Providing an organization in which members can find companionship through correspondence,     meetings of the presbyters, and general conventions and association with each other.
  •  Cooperating with churches who call upon us for help in finding new pastors when vacancies occur in     their pulpits.

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