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Welcome to Evangelical Association

When God calls us to a life of ministry, His calling is without repentance. We can try to avoid the call, but God will not let us go. We are better off just to surrender to His will. When that time comes we will have to prepare ourselves for the task that He has placed before us. The first step is to equip ourselves in the Word of God. When we have completed the preparation we then look for a ministerial body to give us the covering we need. That is the purpose of the Evangelical Association. The EA has the ability to ordain to the ministry those that God has clearly called and equipped. We trust that you will contact us and allow us to help you reach your full potential. Ordination with the EA is fully recognized by the government of Ontario. So join the hundreds of other Pastors and Evangelists that enjoy this association.

Dr. R. Thomas
Executive Director

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