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A one-time administration fee of $25.00, plus a $50.00 annual membership fee must accompany each application. All accepted candidates will enjoy all the rights and privileges appertaining to their credential status which includes all conferences and functions of the E.A. and will be kept informed of such activities.

Credential applications can be downloaded from this website, or are Available by writing to:

Dr. R. Thomas, Director
Evangelical Association
50 Gervais Drive, Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 1Z3

or an application may be picked up in person.
Phone (416) 391-5000
Fax: (416) 391-3969

What Should I Expect If Approved?

After the council has approved your application for credentials and is satisfied as to your gifts and calling, the council will designate a day for the special occasion of bestowing the credential approved. This will be done in a divine service and in a decent and orderly fashion, and with due regard for the significance of the occasion, setting the candidate apart for the Gospel Ministry.

The question uppermost in considering an applicant for membership is not the number of college and seminary degrees he/she may have, but: “Is the applicant’s daily life a convincing testimony as to his/her having been born again? Is there evidence of a genuine call to ministry and a God given ability to preach or carry out the Gospel work in such a way as to win souls to Christ?”

On the other hand, we place no premium on ignorance and urge all Christian workers to qualify themselves for God’s work as fully as they possibly can. For this reason, Canada Christian College has extended itself to all who wish to prepare themselves for the work of the Lord.


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