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Fees and Procedures

Credential applications can be filled online or downloaded from this website and mailed to:

Evangelical Association
Dr. Rondo Thomas
300 Water Street
Whitby, Ontario L1N 9B6
Phone (416) 391-5000
Fax: (416) 391-3969

•  Fill in the form online or by print
•  Include required documents
•  Be Interviewed by a panel of interviewers

What Should I Expect If I am Approved?

After the council has approved your application for credentials, the council will designate a day to hold the EA Ordination for the special occasion of bestowing the approved credential upon each recipient.  


When considering an applicant for membership, the question of utmost importance is not the number of college and seminary degrees he/she may have, but: “Is the applicant’s daily life a convincing testimony as to his/her having been born again? Is there evidence of a genuine call to ministry and a God given ability to preach or carry out the Gospel work in such a way as to win souls for Christ?”


On the other hand, we urge all Christian workers to qualify themselves for God’s work. For this reason, Canada Christian College has extended itself to all who wish to prepare themselves for the work of the Lord.


The Ordination:

Ordination is held twice a year, during the first week of June and first week of December. You will be ordained/bestowed credentials on one of the 2 ordination dates available to you. You have the privilege to invite your family, friends and church members to witness the work of God in your life and to encourage you as you continue your walk in ministry. 

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